Saša Milivojev – THE SON OF THE UAE

Saša Milivojev - THE SON OF THE UAE
Saša Milivojev – THE SON OF THE UAE

Saša Milivojev


To you my desert, I am returning,
the land of happiness and serenity behold,
the camel carries me towards the Sun,
adorned with the hues of gold.
Mother of noble heroes untold,
Only you know how to forgive,
Softly embrace, conceal a tear,
Emirates, Mother,
this life I have for you I’ll give,
and no other.
Here, where I have a sister and a brother,
where all the doors are open for me,
where Lilly blooms, as beautiful as can be,
Emirates, the Heart of the world it’s thee.
We’ll fly on the wings of the hawk,
we’ll soar through all of the space and all time,
embellish the stars with our flags,
before we leave them behind,
red, green, white and black
will shine from Moon to Neptune and back.
A flash of white kandoras, glistening so bright,
angels, guardians, illumine like starlight,
glistening, from Dubai, right up to the Skies,
to Abu Dhabi,
to paradise,
to sisters abayas, as black as the night.
to father’s caress,
where grows the seed of virtuousness,
In the golden desert,
thirsting for love,
where the umbilical cord is breaking,
where mother is always waiting,
for the day,
her son will return, from lands far and away,
where Lilly blooms, as beautiful as can be,
Emirates, the Soul of the world it’s thee.
 .Translated by
Ljubica Yentl Tinska

Saša Milivojev – ZAO SVET BEZ DUŠE

Saša Milivojev
Saša Milivojev, Photographer: Tarlan Bayramov



Svi su snovi pali
Nestali u trenu
Tužne oči sad su
zaspale dok plaču
Zvezde jauču
Nikog više nema
Pustinja i pesma
Izdaje su sada
ubod oštre kame
Rak na srcu rane
Zao svet bez duše
kao mrak je pao
Sve su sada tuge
vapaj i pakao
Kapi suza krvi
toče punu reku
A niko ni da stane
Nikog ni da gane
Nikako da svane
Svi su isto tužni
Glume sreću jadni
Teški su nam dani
Umiremo sami
Zao svet bez duše
u oči te gleda i laže,
ako ti neko nekad kaže
da te voli,
nasmeši se
i unapred preboli

Saša Milivojev in Dubai Marina, United Arab Emirates, 2021

Saša Milivojev in Dubai Marina, United Arab Emirates, 2021.Photographer: Tarlan Bayramov
Saša Milivojev in Dubai Marina, United Arab Emirates, 2021.
Photographer: Tarlan Bayramov

Professor PhD Mila Alečković about the poetry of Saša Milivojev

Prof. dr Mila Alečković
Professor PhD Mila Alečković
Professor PhD Mila Alečković
about the poetry of Saša Milivojev


Had it not been for a fact that I myself am a child of a poet, I may have failed to perceive the talent of a young man who lives faraway from his hometown, yet not far from his ancient archetype. Was Sasha Milivoyev born a poet, or is this what he had become, out of what breadth bears in its trail, that sharpens the senses and adds up all the sufferings, regardless. Milivoyev is simply a poet in the melancholy backdrop of the maker, who is sheltered and strengthened by his verses. Milivoyev knows that with poetry one transcends to timelessness, to infinity, to imortality and namelessness in which we become the twins and transmitters of Chist’s words, hence in his “Message After death” he says:

And I have died,
in antiquity,
and noone ached for me.
Some rejoiced,
young as I was, as I bled on the cross,
drenched in blood, in agony.

Not a single tear rolled down for me,
when they nailed my bones to yew,
the dzelats were singing sneeringly.
and I was smiling, forgivingly.

In that life so brief,
in that cauldron of hell
in the tarnished jaws
I begged for love with poetry,

Earnestly, the poet perceives the timelessness and supremacy of creation in which, owing to poetry no less, he forgives the numerous bypassers of life and looks at humanity from some other, altogether tranquil, distant angle. Milivoyev sings:

And as I have perished
to all I have forgiven,
soaring to Third Heaven.

Into the mountains of crimson jade,
Barefoot with the angels I stroll,
It is raining milk and honey
on the squares of the city of gold,
just as it did before.

Was there ever a true poet that did not dream of his own passing, especially being a melancholic? There is no poet that does not live a second or third life, through poetry bestowed. Sasha Milivoyev flawlessly perceives this ceaseless orbit, and hence draws to a close the most beautiful of his poems with these words:

Here, there is no pain and misery,
resentment and poverty, fear and sin,
by the beautiful streams,
sweet fruits are blossoming,
here, love is always waiting for you
when you come to stay from far, far away.

The poet is within us, although at times miles away. It is with his gift that he transcends through space and time. With his talent, Milivoyev embodies just that. That is why his poetry is an internal howl that discerns the futility of the subjacent world of suffering and grief. The greatness of the poet lies in living in the suffering yet speaking from the unforeseeable heights, transforming the suffering into a blessing and being triumphant.

Faraway from his homeland Serbia, Sasha Milivoyev is nonetheless close to all of us. He left, but he knows that here, for him, love will always be the way, when he comes from far away. The Poets Souls Society is always waiting for him.

At last, an old Russian song says: All you need is to look up at the dark and towering, star embellished night skies’ to see the one that is faraway… And so, I too, can now, at night, from the vast distance, see and hear the poet Sasha Milivoyev.

PhD Mila Alečković
professor of psychology and psychiatry, author
ex University of Sorbonne
International Society for Psychopathology of Expression and Art Therapy

Translated by Ljubica Yentl Tinska
Prof. dr Mila Alečković i Saša Milivojev
Professor PhD Mila Alečković i Saša Milivojev

Sasha Milivoyev is an eminent Serbian writer, poet, columnist and a journalist, residing in Dubai, having left Serbia a long time ago due to discrimination, censorship (and blocking) in all media. He was one of the most widely read columnists in Serbia, the author of five books and a hundred columns published in daily newspapers. He is the author of the novel “The Boy from the Yellow House” as well as the numerous political speeches. His works have been translated into some twenty languages worldwide…

Saša Milivojev on the Front Page of Orange Star magazine


萨沙•米利沃耶夫Saşa Milivoyevサーシャ・ミリヴォエフSasha Milivoyevसाशा मिलीवोएवСаша Миливойевساشا میلیوویفSaša MilivojevΣάσα ΜιλιβόγιεφSasa MilivojevSacha MilivoyévSascia MilivoevSasza MiliwojewSacha MilivoevSasha Milivojevሳሻ ሚሊቮዬቭСаша МиливоевСаша Миливојевساشا ميليفويف

Саша Миливоев – КОРОНА / пандемия

Saša Milivojev
Саша Миливоев
Саша Миливоев
Кровожадная старуха, что вы видите,
Таракан из сатанинского “Кризисного комитета”
Долго она грабила, детей хватала, ела, убивала,
Их кровь пила, да силы восстанавливала
Сдирала кожу с них она,
крепила к собственному лику,
Короной звалась старая карга,
Была она безумной и двуликой.
Как стало лишь известно про злодеяния её,
Так сразу самолёты все взлетели ввысь ,
Намеренно, конкретно пытаясь всех убить,
На Землю яды распыляя,
Чтобы все мы умирали.
Они держали всех нас взаперти
В намордниках с цепями, висячими замками
Браслеты на лодыжки надевали,
Под домашним арестом содержали,
Ложными анализами оболгали,
Людей всех по рецептам грабили,
Всех в заражении обвиняя
И нужные лекарства запрещая,
Безумные негодяи,
нам в свежем воздухе отказывали,
На нашей свободе границы ставили.
Когда они “смягчили” свои “меры”,
Все лагери уж были переполнены
Убийства массовые, сжигания жертв живых
И разграбления органов
(сердец, печёнок, почек) их
Под видом
“распространение инфекции предотвратить”,
Чтоб доказательства для своей
собственной защиты скрыть
У Короны были часы работы:
– спала она до полудня,
а заразна была днём только.
Полмира вакцинировала,
вводила яды, отравляя нашу кровь,
Что будет дальше вы узнаете,
увидев миллиарды мёртвых вновь.
Забыться не должно,
простить не можем мы,
Арест и приговор
о смертной казни просим мы,
Нельзя оставить их вживых,
покуда столько убиенных душ
ещё быть может!
Натали Пауль


Саша Миливоев
Саша Миливоев
Саша Миливоев
Господи, разве не видишь ты,
что красные ботинки из детской кожи сделаны?
Из вен кровь выжимают,
До капли последней ею цистерны наполняют…
В подполье спустись ты,
через секретные бункеры,
В эти золотые города,
посреди алмазного сада,
в отели роскошные,
в лагеря страшные,
где у детей украденных глаза заплаканы
и тысячами стонут в когтях сатаны.
Тебя на ужин пригласят:
Ребёночком зажаренным угостят.
Кости – для растопки камина,
В вино нальют адреналина.
Они между нами, всегда возвращаются,
Ботинки красные надевая,
По пчёлам мертвым ступая,
Кровью омоложенные улыбаются,
В гуманности своей всех убеждая.
А из этих городов подземных,
Их от нападений защищающих,
Из лабораторий неизвестных
Миллионы вирусов и бактерий вылетающих,
Мир твой беспощадно убивающих.
Из-за них льды на полюсах тают,
Наводнения тебя затопляют.
Цунами города разрушают,
Могилы и мечты землетрясения уничтожают,
Всё твоё разоряют,
Посевы от засухи сгорают,
С голоду миллионы умирают,
Яды с неба летают.
Посмотри, на дне морском кучи детских костей,
И свет крови, и смерти жаждущих очей,
Сияющих невинностью павших жертв.
Разве не видишь ты, Господи,
И небо вопит о справедливости,
И поэзия пустеет без души.
Ты мир освободи,
Что, униженный, терпит и молчит,
В страхе перед лагерями смерти.
Саша Миливоев
Майя Йончич


Kaaba, Mecca, Saudi Arabia
Kaaba, Mecca, Saudi Arabia

Sasha Milivoyev


Mecca, Saudi Arabia
Translated by Ljubica Yentl Tinska
By the Black Stone
Sinful, on my knees,
with tears in my eyes,
I’m pleading,
begging for forgiveness,
when blood-red turned the skies,
the stone grew darker,
blacker than night,
and it used to be white,
as luminous as the daylight,
when from the Garden above,
it fell many a warm Mays ago,
when it fell from Jannah,
far, far down below,
it was whiter than milk
and whiter than snow,
blackened from within,
from human malice and sin.
Never let it slip away,
the dushman came from far away,
tried bringing Kaaba to its knees,
killing Muslims,
the desert still bleeds,
covered in corpses,
devoured by rodents and beasts.
The Judgement Days are dawning soon.
The Sun will stop,
merge with the Moon,
Into the particles
the hills will be shattered,
spill like the honey that is melted,
Allah will be a righteous judge to everyone,
To the fires of hell, the monsters will succumb,
The stone will shine
with whiteness of dazzling purity,
The stone will be singing eternally,
The songs of joy, love and harmony.
Translated by Ljubica Yentl Tinska
Copyright © by Sasha Milivoyev, 2022
Saša Milivojev
Saša Milivojev

Saša Milivojev – CRNI KAMEN (Meka, Saudijska Arabija)

Kaba, Meka, Saudijska Arabija
Kaba, Meka, Saudijska Arabija

Saša Milivojev


(Meka, Saudijska Arabija)

Pored Crnog kamena,
grešan, na kolenima u suzama,
molim, oproštaj tražim.
I nebo je pocrvenelo,
kamen je još više pocrneo,
a bio je beo,
blistavog sjaja,
kad je davnog toplog maja
pao iz dalekog raja,
belji i od snega i od mleka
pocrneo od ljudskih zala i greha.
Žrtvo zuluma,
Dušo kȁmēna,
razbijana i raznošena,
kradena i otimana,
voljena i omražena,
svedok si vekovima
patnje i stradanja,
mržnje i nasilja,
zločina i pokolja,
genocida i jada,
trideset hiljada ubijenih
za pravdom vapi i rida,
planeta će pući od stida.
Nikad ne zaboravi
dušmani su izdaleka dolazili
Kabu da sruše pokušavali
Muslimane ubijali
Pustinja i dalje krvari
Prekrili je leševi
Jedu ih divlje zveri i pacovi
Počinju sudnji dani
Sunce će stati
Sa Mesecom se spojiti
Brda će se u čestice razbiti
kao rastopljen med razliti
Alah će svakom pravedno suditi
Monstrumi će u vatri goreti
Kamen nevinom belinom blještati
Kamen će zauvek pevati
pesme o radosti i ljubavi
Saša Milivojev
© Saša Milivojev, 2022.
Strogo zabranjeno kopiranje prema Zakonu o autorskim pravima
Saša Milivojev
Saša Milivojev

Saša Milivojev – The Prince of contemporary Serbian poetry

Saša Milivojev – CORONA

Sasha Milivoyev
Sasha Milivoyev

Saša Milivojev


A bloodthirsty old woman you see,
a cockroach from the Satan’s
“Crisis Committee”,
For long she pillaged,
children she snatched and slayed
their blood she drank and ate,
to rejuvenate.
She flayed their skin,
affixed in place on her own face,
Corona was her name,
The old hag was insane.
When her evil deeds were told,
the airplanes soared,
in aim to kill us all.
On Earth they made the poisons fall.
They had us all locked down,
with muzzles restrained,
padlocks and chains,
ankle bracelets for home detention,
false tests on prescription,
deceived and plundered,
blamed for infection,
medications proscribed,
fresh air they denied,
On our freedom they put boundaries,
halfwits, scoundrels.
And when they “eased up” on their “measures”,
the camps were full over the rim,
large – scale butchering,
looted livers and kidneys,
burning the living victims,
“to prevent the spread of infection”
evidence concealed for our own protection.
She had working hours,
sleeping before noon,
was contagious only in the afternoon.
Half the world she vaccinated,
with poisons injected,
what is going on,
you are going to see,
billions of dead bodies are yet to be!
Forget we must not,
Lest not forgive,
Let’s arrest and sentence them to death,
they should not be left to live!
Translated by Ljubica Yentl Tinska
Copyright © by Saša Milivojev, 2020 – 2022 – All Rights Reserved