Saša Milivojev – THE PAIN OF THE WORLD – translated and recited by Ljubica Yentl Tinska

Saša Milivojev


translated and recited by Ljubica Yentl Tinska

Saša Milivojev





In this century withal

Rivers of blood still flow

Bombs echo

Children are being killed

Heads are being severed

Millions are starving

Diseases are devouring

And you are singing


The gallows are trembling

In the valley of the fallen

In the salty tears

With our putrescent sores

We fall prey to the crows


Our festering entrails

For the starving wolves


A shattered house

Little boy is weeping

Over the body of his Father

That forever now is sleeping


Schools Temples and bridges bleeding

bloodstained wedding guests are screaming


Little white coffins

Maternal howls

Above Uranus

Hear the painful growls

Delirious poets are prattling

And not a word are you uttering


They blinded you

When they raped your daughter

Strangled ‘er with the wire

They abducted your brothers

Tortured in the cellar

Shattered their fingers

With ferrous clubs

With a saw agape their skulls

Their legs wagons lacerated

Their limbs with machete dissected

Flayed the skin of their backs


Dumpers of corpses

Bulldozers to the grave consigned

Roads run over their bones in cement confined

Bodies filled the bottomless well over the brim


Come closer

Look within

The infinite darkness of the abyss

To hear the silence of the universe


A spark is glistening in an innocent eye

Children are helplessly falling to the dust

Venomous saliva dripping from their mouth

As their rosy intumescent faces bust


In their closing prayer

Reverends to a cross immured

Laughing at the stake they burned


Tender ivory cherubs

Flew away like a flock of birds


Rip my heart out from my chest

As I am unsleeping

May your golden ship catch wind away from shore

To raise your glass of blood once more

As you feast your eyes in silence


Saša Milivojev

Translated by Ljubica Yentl Tinska


Saša Milivojev


Ljubica Yentl Tinska



Saša Milivojev is a famous writer, poet, journalist columnist and political analyst… One of the most read columnists in Serbia, he is the author of five books, and numerous columns published in various daily newspapers. He is the author of the novel „The Boy from the Yellow House“ and of political speeches. His work has been translated into around twenty languages across the world.