Prof. dr Rade Božović
Professor PhD Rade Božović
Professor emeritus PhD Rade Božović
about the verses of
Saša Milivojev’s “Pain of the world”

A prolonged and warning cry of Saša Milivojev is always and anew prompting us to carefully contemplate the world we are living in. Alas, the world is far too small for a true literate and must be treated planetarly. However, these verses of Saša are not sent forth from Pan’s flute, they are wailing from Rumi’s Nay, a type of Middle-Eastern flute. And it seems as if, they are once again embodying the warning and worrying words of Rumi “Don’t sit under a tree with those that do not understand you, sit only with those who know and understand you. Sit only under a tree that is full of blossoms”, from now on.

My Saša, it is hard being a poet in these times, dry and wasted. It is as hard as ascending the Axis mundi, the never-ending, invisible, heavenly pillar. The heavens are soaring and the earth is unyielding. A timber post is easy to climb – they have stirrups. But it is worth it, and it is possible, with help of universal thought and fierce words. I know Saša that you eagerly wanted to find the right words for the contemporary wanderings of the frightfully perplexed world. You succeeded in terms of themes, however, how does one find the right, unadulterated words for themes so terribly compelling? You have succeeded, oftentimes, with poignant thought, although sometimes suffocating the words with gratuitous rhymes… And there once again, just like Rumi’s nightingale, who landing on the rose’s thorn, still continues to sing. You were not afraid of the thorn. Although you walk on the thorns. Your cry is not coming from Voltaire’s garden, it is a celestial cry from the depths of hell. For the One who is capable of hearing.

And so, in this vertiginous and puzzled world, the Jupiter and Venus are embracing, however, luckily, there are men who don’t believe that man and the donkey are smarter than the man. You got that right, Saša. It is right to fight against that poison that is, in your own words “on the planet of the reptiles, piles of human corpses”. Are we going to be burying them in cardboard coffins, the likes of WWII Britain?